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Advices for UE's countries (4/11)

Entrepreneurial education involves the strengthening of entrepreneurial skills and the promotion of entrepreneurship as a career option for young graduates educational institutions in which you work Dra. The Basics of Entrepreneurship discipline has a applicative character and presupposes an individual approach in the formation of the personality of each one student. Focusing on the student and focusing on the formation of entrepreneurial skills meets certain requirements of sustainable learning, among which it is important to mentioned the use of active teaching methods, cooperative learning, simulation small businesses and role-playing games, which will certainly contribute to the development of each student for a rational approach to economic problems, in the context a complex and dynamic entrepreneurial, social and cultural environment. Developing a business plan and presenting it to colleagues will help students to practice entrepreneurial skills, use of knowledge, skills and skills acquired during the lessons, conducting simulation exercises business monitoring and evaluation will bring the teaching-learning-evaluation process closer together of economic reality. We considered it our obligation to propose to you in addition to the National Curriculum nal to the discipline Basics of Entrepreneurship and a set of teaching materials, which we hope will contribute to the organization of a relevant educational discourse.

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