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Advices for UE's countries (6/11)

Explain the purpose of this discipline, emphasizing that it is not necessarily to make students entrepreneurs, but to offer them in addition to knowledge about entrepreneurship and the opportunity to assert oneself, to reflect on the their abilities, to form their skills of planning, analysis, organization and communication, as well as positive attitudes regarding the manifestation of the initiative and active position in society. These skills will help them both in their quality to be employed as well as in the case of employer or self-employed (self-employed). • Make a brief presentation of the course content. Explain to students what the objectives of this course, namely the fact that they must comply certain individual activities that will be guided and advised by the teacher. Mention that at the end of the course the student will present his / her Business Plan. requests, which will be developed throughout the discipline. • Emphasize to students that the success of this subject depends in large part their willingness to actively participate throughout the hours and how to interact between colleagues.

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