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Advices for UE's countries (7/11)

. Self-knowledge - analyzing realistically and very carefully one's own: a) Personality: - How am I? - slow or energetic, calm or nervous, generous or selfish, sociable or withdrawn, etc. b) Knowledge: - What do I know? - a foreign language, a trade, a field c) Competences: - What can I do? - to communicate very well with people, to use the computer, to organize people, to make decisions, to take on responsibilities d) Priorities: - What is important to me? - to feel safe at work, to be respected in society, to have independence be financial, to have freedom of action, etc. 2. Setting goals - short term (in the next 12 months), medium (2-3 years) and long (4-5 years). 3. Identify the objectives for each set goal. 4. The action plan for achieving the formulated goals and objectives. Students will also improve according to their career plan within an enterprise, be an entrepreneur.

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