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Advices for UE's countries (8/11)

Relevant characteristics of the entrepreneur (important, you, which stands out). For example: independent, associated, with own initiative, with risk, with abilities to produce or provide services, with qualities negotiation and marketing; - Irrelevant (unimportant) characteristics For example: S.R.L, Î.I, in the market at the store, for men or women, etc .; - Example. Give examples of entrepreneurs in the community, De example: Ina Buzdugan - owner of the barber shop “Alondra” or Ion Melin- you, the owner of the "Gogoșel" grocery store; - Non-examples (recommended in the field) a town hall official, a teacher, a doctor, etc. those who have concluded an individual contract of work with an employer; - Analogs (from other fields) of bees that produce honey in order to maintains oneself from which others can benefit; - Definition: The entrepreneur is an independent, developing person on its own initiative a business assuming the risks related to the development its purpose, in order to obtain a profit.

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