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True, the moment of silence is a very important in a quiet place and it good to be during the night when all that gives you stress have reduced in size, allw whitch doctors asleep, even birds sleeping and you begin to plan for your your plans, they you must reach your goals
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yes its very important to have that special time to think big and big so me i always get some time and i use it wisely in away that i really dream big oh yeah we think for t he world
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Yes,it is important to get a quiet place and revise yourself, and plan afresh for the betterment of your future.
This time brings you very near your Creator and you get more energy , courage and determination.
Attitude is everything !
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Yes thts true most especially in Uganda due to lack of jobs, ok overty and poor stands of living due to bad governance
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Always have some time alone quietly so as you think straight

Silent moment alone in a quiet place is very much needed in life. You can be able to think and plan ahead. It is very healthy and one can have a great break through in life. You can reflect the good and bad deeds and where you can be able to change or improve for the best.

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