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Men now day s are no longer responsible, they left responsibility to their wives and some completely abandoned their families leading women becoming single mothers. It's not new to the ears of everyone because chain made men are every please revise your selves.
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Most men have neglected their family responsibility

You find most women working so hard every now and then since the men who are supposed to take care of their families are not minding at all. Some men these days can't even contribute to the well being of their children. Funny enough, they do have jobs, so where does their money go?But they can be able to spend money elsewhere and funny enough some don't feel shy to seek financial assistance from the woman who is solely taking care of the home. Let such men wake up.

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Omweenkanonkano is the program which changed everything. And secondly, people have no love in their families and all this is a result of lack of enough money to sustain the family,which is termed to as negligence, or lack of responsibility.
There is no man who hate his children, but most of the time,the mothers are the cause of the situation !! That's we also change our hearts from love.
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