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As for me, l can help him as l can help any other ordinary person,but not like a friend because he is the very person who cut the string which was binding us together.
A friend in need is a friend indeed,but if he forgot that no condition is permanent, then of course l can not force him !
Afterall, we create friends wherever we are and whenever we like. I can miss him and get other good ones who are coperative.
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Yes because if you don't help him then you will be like him. And we have to pay good to everyone. In order not to be like the so make sure you don't what you don't want other people to do to you
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Would you pardon a friend who neglected you on hard times but decides to remember you once the hard

During the hard times in life, this is when one needs his or her friends. When a person you call a friend neglects you during this time, then it is not worth calling that person a friend. So it will be really hard for me to pardon such a person. In short such people can be called materialistic friends.

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