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I agree totally to this. For me it is so Great to be able to get in Touch with Old Friends from former times who I did Not see or hear for a long Time. Today it is so easy to get in Touch again via social media. It is an awesome invention
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Social media plays a critical role in connecting teens to new friends, allowing teens to learn more about new friends and get to know them better. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of teens who have made a new friend online say they have met new friends on a social media platform. Two-thirds (62%) of teens say they’ve shared their social media username with a brand new friend as a way to stay in touch.
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Of course it is the new technology which brought the whole World near you just around your reach.
With social media, we not only find the lost friends,but we get even new friends, globally.
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True social media has really helped us in finding long lost friends like me i studed with my OB P7 Class 2014 he got lost bt i got him on facebook 2018 he was in Saudi Arabia it has really helped us
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Social media has helped us in connecting to long lost friends

There are pros and cons of social media. Once used well, it has helped in bonding with long lost relatives and friends. One can easily search for the other using say Facebook, and any other platform. Different forums are created for several discussions which limit movements and unnecessary expenditures.

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