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Of course you can not blame any day in your life because you are the programmer of your everyday work.
If you choose wisely, automatically you will succeed and if you do not decide by yourself, and start being influenced by people, and depending on people's opinions, just help me and forget about success in your life !!
What you have to do is to be decisive , be patient, help people ,enventually you will succeed
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Of course everyday matters to our lives but people do not see that in other words everyday past in life should be cancelled while done something, and even every minute past will never come we need to control our lifetime.
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Each day as it comes is part of our journey in life. A good day comes as a blessing and we always thank God for it. While another day can come with lots of challenges and we end up calling that day as a bad day. Such a day of challenges serves a lesson to learn in life.
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Never blame any day in your life

Good days give you happiness,Bad days give you experience,worst days give you a lesson,there is no day without a night,there is no month without without a week,there is no year without a month,there is no victory without a fight,there is happiness without some pain,we can't change the past but we can only influence the future,but how?through hard work
Hard work never killed anyone,you should create challenges in your mind and come up with a solution. Remember happiness is a journey not destination!be happy for the day& hopeful for tomorrow

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