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Yes it's true we are the achtecture of our own lives because our thinking manifests in what we do in live and our actions matter alot
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As an adage often say Ur life is in Ur hand, whatever you choose to do with it is your choice and no one will be heard response for that. so make sure you live best of life
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Yes we choose what we become. If you see that things are not coming to you in the way you like,it is you to change the direction, and you are free because it is all about your life !!
Attitude is everything. Keep changing according to the environment because experience IS NOT the best teacher as they used to say. It was like that before,BUT NOW, everything changes,following new technologies.
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This is because the power of decisions and choices is in our hands thats why a human being is what he his because of his thinking
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The highest percentage of choosing of what we wanna be comes from an individual. The community and advice from elders like parents contributes a smaller percentage. So we decide what we want to be in life and its up for one to make the final decision on where to take your life.
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We choose what we become or what wanna be, PRO OR NO

We decide who we become.No one is responsible for how your life turns out.No one determines how much of planet earth abundance you is all about what you personally choose to do with your life.
Personal responsibility is the starting point for transforming your can have more,become more,influence more,bless more people and do more with your all begins with taking personal responsibility for your life,you might have grown up in poverty,but you can be rich like millions of others who pulled themselves by their own determination to excel in life

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