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Muscles are stretched unaware and the bones also stretch. When washing clothes biceps and triceps move in their direction to ease the washing and also physically the body is exercised
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Is good to engage in such acitivity regularly that alone is an exercise, it's easier and it can help in building up your body than sitting down doing nothing.
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To ensure proper physical distancing measures are implemented everywhere, any form of mass gathering is discouraged - which also rules out working out or even exercising together as a group at a community park. But with government health bodies encouraging people to move around, eat and drink healthy and get regular exercise to build or boost immunity to battle such a dangerous disease, how does one go about it?

Working out during lockdown is greatly encouraged, by making some space within the confines of your own home and getting in bodyweight exercises and other movements. But those not predisposed to working out in a gym or used to the intense physical movements that require correct form and technique, can always consider spending time doing household chores.
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It's the easiest way to keep the body fit to a certain percentage... I recommend continous practice and running of those chores..
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Yes,all physical work is part of exercise to our body,because, this work can stimulate the blood flow, which helps the heart to function properly.
BUT, these chores are not enough to make the body physically fit. You need jogging, you need press ups and may others.
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Home chores are an easy way of carrying out some simple physical exercises

When you wake up in the morning and start cleaning up the house, sweeping the compound, washing clothes or even washing utensils, you are exercising your body in one way or the other. These various home chores make almost all our body muscles active. Also when you go digging or even slashing around the compound, they do contribute in exercising the body.

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