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Let what come may but we all vote kyagulanyi ssentamu. This has been many people's dream for the past 3 year s in Uganda.
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3 daysto the day many people have been waiting for. Many have never voted and want to cast their vote so that their voice can be heard.
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It now to three days to go but some of us who have never seen war are afraid of what may happen when things are not transparent.
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As election campaigns progress into the home stretch and facing defeat, the combined opposition, especially presidential candidates are increasingly getting desperate, heightening acrimonious political discourse laced with blatant lies, fabrications, malice, intimidation and unmitigated display of violent confrontations. They hope to succeed in their grand plan to discredit the electoral process if they can’t thwart President Yoweri Museveni’s win within the first round.

And yes, the opposition has never been held in high esteem by the public and voters, and there isn’t reason to do so today. It’s difficult seeing them pass the gate when NRM already has many MPs, district chairpersons and thousands of councilors elected unopposed. NRM has sufficient man-power to effectively pin down major opposition campaign surrogates. Robert chagulanyi is the most threatening opposition candidate to the ruling party of NRM though the opposition parties have always been suppressed.
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Yeah, five days and Uganda decides. For sure there has never been an election fever like this one. Heavy deployment every where. But by God's grace we shall go through this. Its just a matter of time. Hope the voting is fair and may the best candidate win!!!
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We wait for the great day for Uganda to decided.. 14th January...we are feeling nervous on how it will be, but let’s hope for the best!
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It's five days to go for elections, but unfortunately, all signs from regime shows that they are not ready for a free and fair elections, when you see the deployment of the army, the torture and killing of Nup supporters, kyagulanyi is going to win but the regime is not ready go through elections.
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Yah,it is 5 days to election and cowards are flying out of the city,just because of the deployment of soldiers every where.
I am assuming that nothing is going to happen, that is just just putting fear in people's hearts.
Mark you,nobody will die in your place,and the days are numbered,so,you have to face it if it is your turn to die. Even if you hide yourself under the stone,it will meet you,so,let us not
run away because we need your vote.
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Some people want to even go to exile an come back after election results are announced and the place is calm. Then the terrified will be able to come back home.
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Haha I tell you it's fire here in Uganda massive and serious arrests every day updf deployed everywhere. soldiers in every corner things are not good

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True that but rem no situation is permanent it will come to pass and he will be in history otherwise let's seek the creator the almighty to guide and protect us since we are politically innocent, mathematically calculating, economically growing, financially broke n innocent, historically remembered, physically fit but poorly fed merely naked
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5 days now to elections here in Uganda

Will this elections be done fair really?, as I see its like we are in a wor zone as I see museven is deploying UPDF ARMY every where which is a sign of fear. Let what come may but we all vote kyagulanyi ssentamu.

How do you vote?

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