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The new technology in the invention of computers and phones made life more easy. The transformed the whole World into one single village.
With these targets,you can tell what is taking place anywhere you want to know.
No need of writing informal letters, and no time waste in everything, including services. You can book air ticket using your phone, you can apply for your visa using a phone, you can withdraw your money from the bank using your phone, you can order anything, including foods and it is brought where you need it,just by pressing buttons of the phone.
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Life without Phone/Computer is totally hell, boring and stressful.. Technology has done better in bringing us social media network.
Without phone or computers, we can’t be able run this world successfully and standard of living would be boring.
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Today, mobile phones are able to send messages and photo images, access the internet and email, play music, games and lots more. We had not thought in our wildest dreams that mobile phones would come with so many advanced functionalities and features. These small gadgets have become an integral part of our lives, meeting the ever-growing expectations of the customers. This completely shows that life without phones was completely a complicated one ,in fact phones have become part of our basic life that without phones some of us can't even get what to eat.
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Mobile technology was a mystery two decades ago but now, it has become something of necessity to both the rural and the urban areas. The mobile technology started as a remarkable achievement in the world of technology but now, it is transforming into user comfort technology due to its present diverse functionality. When the mobile was first introduced, it used to be basically for SMS, Calls and games. But it has presently transformed into a digital world and has made life and business much easier; marketers now have the ability to sell their products with ease through mobiles technology. The mobile has made it possible for users to transfer files and other files through Bluetooth and wifi. The mobile is also equipped with internet connectivity, making it easy for the user to gain information and also to download files from the internet. Video call conferencing is another achievement that has come to reality through mobile technology.
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Honestly days back it was really normal but as time has gone beyond the growth its hard for life to move without those things the computer and the phones in hand so let us rejoice for that
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A computer simplifies lots of things like writing and researching of various things. It also helps in the storage of some documents. Phones make communiation much easier and they save time. Phones simplify many things but they also consume most of one's time.
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Indeed I cannot imagine how things can be running... Life must have been hard.
Happy are we those born in the this computer age.
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But guys imagine on how life was without phones and computer

Phones and computer simplifies our lives it makes communication easy and businesses works at a good time of the owner.
So I have came to the conclusion that life was too hard without phones and computer

How do you vote?

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The need of specialists could also have caused the rise in companies' expenditure causing the fall of some upcoming companies.
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The coming of computers must have increased the need of specialists in computers which could have increased production costs.
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Days when people had no phones and computers eye related problems like myopia and so on. The computer increased this disorder among humans.
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Those days when there were no phones I believe working hours were less than what we have now. This me as ns there could have been less stress
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Life could have been easier than it is s nowadays. Those days people had time for family to to tell stories face to face on fire place which nolonger exists.
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Its all a about habbits. If you think it was harder without current technologies, what should have been people thought in the times befor railtrain and cars or even the wheel were not invented? What poor live we live nowhadays for those generation living in the next centuries? NOTHING, even no time areas are compasrable. The only what counts is HERE AND NOW. Get happy this way!
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I think life was easier in a way that even tasks were very few to do. I mean since computers were not in place there was also reduced work for human beings
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