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Updates shared should enable us to be richer and richest. Hope it will be successful all in all we want to be happy if the exchanger is done
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The feedback on this statement will be collected through Jan 16, 2021. An official poll will be opened in Pernum after that time.

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assure you that we, yummers from all countries, are confident in managing our great network and that they are working in our interest and in the interest of all of us.

Based on this statement, I confirm that I agree with the structure of the Al-Yam management system, and I am all trustworthy and also grateful for the efforts of the current council, and they are, with their decisions, ideas, and activities that our currency has had an increased strength and value.

And I announced my approval for the new structure and for the National Council of Directors to have a resolution and specific responsibilities to be held accountable as long as they will be rewarded, God willing. I wish all of us good luck.
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Elected BID & BND Members contact details should be displayed at YEM Foundation website as well as response timeline also mentioned and a official communication message board also provided with trailing messages convenience and resolution of issues are being faced by YEM holder are to be responded within schedule timelines.

Also schedule of directors meeting & meeting proceedings summary also updated periodically for reference of YEM holders' convenience.
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I hereby agree with the reconstruction of Board of Directors for both national representing and international.
Both are being elected by YEM holder with considering 1 vote/YEM. But while considering the vote with YEM holdings, I would like get clarification regarding whether other YEM token also considered against each token value consisting of YEMs per token also counted. Post election process, elected members are to be responsive with all YEM holders existing worldwide along with Board members contact details also mentioned in member area only.
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Yes , thank you...for YEM holders...awesome ... Hope ours YEM number one...and we can advance at any time to become a medium of exchange for every country in this part of the world.
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Do not mistake today. Invest and buy the new money. It is so fun. We can is power . We are power to gather
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I agree with this reshuffle of the YEM board of directors, because this work is large and requires new personnel and more people who are competent in the field of digital currency and its use so that the growth we hope can be realized soon. Thank you.
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I do agree with the proposed structure (in general terms), however, these are fundamental changes to be made to the Governance structure in the Constitution of the YEM Foundation, and therefore it is very important that items 4, 5, and 6 be well understood by the voters/YEM holders before hand. Thanks Andrew for seeing this important part of the process. In other places, due to the importance of this process, it would take as long as three months alone before voting, by the YEM holders to bring everyone in the light as to the duties, rights and responsibilities. It doesn't matter whether the elected members are volunteers or remunerated, because at the end of the day we want to measure/gauge progress we have made.

It has been a good practice for the voted-in/ elected Board members elsewhere to be handed with Terms of Reference for the job they seek to do or accomplish, and be accountable to the general members (YEM holders in this instance) who cast their votes to elect them.
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The new planned election will make YEM Foundation stronger and very dynamic. Some old member of the board should be retained to help for continuity. The new ones will be able to come in with new ideas that will also enable to board function properly. The election should be open-hearted. No sentiments. Remember, this is a business.
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Hello, first of all, I would like to thank all the Founders of the Unicorn Network and its precious YEM! This idea of ​​voting for the national representatives of the Yem Foundation is welcome because its will facilitate the acceptance of the Yem by our leaders and in addition its will create jobs in this country and in addition it will still be wonderful to find a representation physical of a virtual company
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I agree because I consider that so far YEM has not managed to be what it intended, it is not "Your Everyday Money".
As long as Unicorn really intends this. If we just want a toy to distract us, we can continue the same.
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It seems appropriate according to the magnitude
and growth of our unicorn company participate in these elections and be able to choose capable and dynamic people, knowledgeable about the functioning and interests of all of us yem holders, we are a family.
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Yes, I agree with updates for the YEM Foundation Board of Directors as shared on 9 Jan and this restructuring of the Council is necessary to approach YEM Foundation to improve better attend the expansion of our YEM in our own countries.

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I think these is also good step adding new scrature and alo recommend even if not now but maybe near future, that we can add UN representative in every country.
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Very inovative for our yem foundation for having interest on this ... I would like to suggest : The yem foundation could creat its Academy to train those new BID & BND comers to be ready to conduct those responsibilities after a short course or training from the Yem foundation ...
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Yes I agree with this decision because our company has new holders and they need to give their skills and experience to push Unicorn Network Inc. on a head of many entreprises
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I also think it's wise to pick them because they are important in a way that they cannot be avoided. The board if international directors and to ge advisory board.
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As our Business is growing so much, I Support very much the the new concept for the Yem Foundation. As de grow the work to do grows as well.
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I am in favor of the updates for the YEM Foundation Board of directors. So far our current board of directors of YEM foundation have done a great job and they deserve great appreciation. Now YEM is transitioning to the next level of growth. So it is indeed a great step to form a larger group of representatives to take charge of representing YEM worldwide. It is important that those who are selected are well qualified in carrying out the necessary work.

The addition of BND of every country and the Advisory Board members to assist them is a step in the right direction. This gives a more structured format to carry out the necessary work to spread the awareness and acceptance of YEM, to meet the challenges and awareness of crypto friendly nations and different laws in regards to crypto related matters and so on. This will surely enhance the growth of YEM to greater extent.

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Sure I agree, our YEM is getting more popular and YEM holder are spreading all over the world which make agree with the new suggestions especially with the country representative.
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I agree that the restructuring proposal should be approved, particularly if the new system would avoid slowing or stalling any per-YEM price changes considered by the Foundation.
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Absolutely PRO with the new structure because it gives more visibility and make the task easier for accomplishment.
Is clearly defining the roles the two bodies.

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I think the BND elections should be carried first and from the winners representatives we (the YEM holders) can elect the 7 members of the BID
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I see no reason the disagree, I do want to say that I am sad to see the current board go as they have done such an amazing job and made Yem Great!
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I think the most able individuals with the necessary knowledge or expertise in the field of crypto and digital currencies regardless of continent must occupy seats in the BID. Well, I don't know how many members of this caliber there are and if they're willing to run. I also strongly support the reelection of the lone incumbent BOD who signified to continue.
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I totally agree with everything, except for the possible "imbalance" that could occur with the BID.
It is true that not all continents could be represented, but there are two considerations to make:
1- the BID must be made up of the "best" and possibly the most "competent" in the world and not necessarily come from the individual 7 continents.

2-To represent all the continents and the single nations there will be the BND together with the AB, so there will be more capillarity and coverage in the structure of the YEM Foundation.

So I favorably agree with this new structure.
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I am in for the above updates , however I suggest that at least 3 BID from the originals will stay another 1 year more , just to make sure the continuity of their excellent jobs !
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I personally agreed hundred percent with the proposal made during the webinar of yesterday because it will give the chance to the national board to transmit all the requirements of the yem holders at the national level. It will create a direct link between the BID and the BND. The other side of this proposal is that it will give power and concern to the yem holder and can stop yem holders to sell their yems at low price.
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Yes let it be done never know a new board will do more improvement in marketing the yem and to build the new ways of usability and the value is likely to go high and high so u have my support on that
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I am in full agreement with these wise and practical suggestions that instead of 1 board, there now be 3: international, national, and separately, an advisory board that is not part of the decision making, simply around for support and advice.
With the growth of YEM, YEM holders, and the Unicorn Network projects, YEM (in 2021) could become a real and solid global-currency force to be reckoned with!
added by Mary Fogelberg 1139 days ago 20    0

True being with different boards it gives strength and transparency in the system of Yem world both national and internationally. And it shows the pure democracy in the world.
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if they follow the rules from BID for me it,s ok becauce it must be in the same direction as now ,the BID we now have is the best .
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I think it is a great idea to have the international board plus one director in each country. YEM needs to be presented to all Authorities as soon as possible. The advisory board can help to prepare presentations that are in sync with national laws.
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Do you agree with the updates for the YEM Foundation Board of Directors as shared on Jan 9?

As YEM Holders we have the right to discuss, decide, and share our feedback on how the YEM Foundation shall represent us, the YEM Holders.

In the January 9, 2021 webinar a new structure was shared with a proposed timeline, do you agree with those updates?

The proposed updates would create an International Board of Directors (BID) consisting of 7 people, who could be elected from any YEM Holder.

Additionally there would be a National Board of Directors (BND), where those board members would be selected from YEM Holders within that country.

There would also be an Advisory Board, which would not represent the YEM Foundation but would only be there to advise.

Please read the Jan 9, 2021 Webinar recap, it is posted now, if you did not so so already, before voting on this statement.

The feedback on this statement will be collected through Jan 16, 2021. An official poll will be opened in Pernum after that time.

How do you vote?

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I think the The International Borad of Directors is quite good and doing a great job, so, no need for National Borad of Directors, as it will be difficult to coordinate for taking important dissicions atleast at this stage, and when the YEM is well known, all over the World, this proposal of National Borad can be activated, but, for now, we need the focus of only BID, 7 Directors representing the 7 Continents, in the meantime they can coordinate their efforts with Unicorn Country Representitives to get the needed information on the developments of the projects of the Unicorn Network in each Country. But, for now I think we don’t need to have NBD and the AB, till we reach a point where the YEM will be well known all over the World.
added by 1000000255 1139 days ago 9    4

I think that before restructuring the Council it is necessary, first of all, to clearly explain to members:
1. What is the problem with the need to restructure the board?
2. The purpose of the restructuring, that is, why is it being carried out and what do we want to achieve as a result of the restructuring?
3. Why has this future board structure been chosen?
4. What functions will the structures have at each level (international and national)?
5. What rights and responsibilities will members of each level have?
6. What conditions does the company offer to elected board members at each level to get the job done?

In this regard, I believe that before the vote, work should be done to clarify the above issues to members. Otherwise, the vote will not be fully prepared, and the chosen people will not be ready to carry out their future work, which can cause significant harm to the company and all its members.
added by Andrei Perakalin 1139 days ago 15    2

For the election of BID, I think all the position should no be elected because it is important to keep the majority of the currently board of directors.

For the topic of the national YF representative, what about the country representative for Unicorn Network? Why not give the opportunity to the country representative to be also the YF national representative then it's work will be with same ressources and objectives.

To resume: two positions of the current BOD should be only for election. The Unicorn Network country representative should be appointed also as YF national representative for the country where there are already UN representative.
added by Anonymous 1139 days ago 7    3

It is necessary to have really trained people to follow up on it and if we make the change like this, I don't think there will be that continuity since those who are as initiators know how the management is being done, when that management is concluded and that this approved, at that time it would be easier for those who make up the new cabinet are those highly trained people and comply with the established, for now I think it should be extended for another year.
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