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Of course, the reward should be in YEM. So that they will see that they do not buy anything for them
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Thank you for this initiative and for the recognition of the mission accomplished. It is a true honor to serve our community.
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Exactly our bordmembers should be reworded i support that
They have done a lot of great work God bless them somurch
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I'm prood of the yem foundation ... And i think that everyone does need to appreciated and compensated after a ''Good done Job ''' and that will encourage up coming board to multiply their fresh efforts to do more and better and so then our foundation will go up to up around the world.
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I also suggest that an annual stipend or gratuity be given to each member of the 3 boards at the end of a year’s work, or on completion of their term, as it's a huge responsibility these boards are carrying on their shoulders to benefit all YEM Holders.
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Yes I also appreciate what the yem foundation has been able to do fir yem holders. I really feel that these people should be rewarded with alot of yem.

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Why not? these folks have done a brilliant job and is always a good thing to get rewarded for a job well done.

This is not only to appreciate them for the job well done but to motivate and inspire the in coming Board of Directors to follow their foot-steps.
I can't them enough.

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I agree the board should be rewarded for all they do and have done, but pretty sure they are already rewarded for all the hard work they do.
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I'm agree with that statement, as it is a huge responsibility , there should be reward to each board of members for there hard working and taking care of all yem holders.

Thank you.
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Je suis d'avis que les membres de la fondation soient récompensés annuellement. le travail bien fait mérite une récompense ou une gratification. Cette motivation va encourager ceux qui volontairement se sacrifient pour que le yem soit porté très haut. Vu le travail abattu ils doivent êtres beaucoup solliciter et ceci permanament enreflexiion.
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Tout à fait, c'est toujours mieux d'encourager les têtes pensantes afin qu'ils travaillent davantage pour nous procurer de la joie et nous nourrir beaucoup d'espoir et d'ambitions,
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For the tremendous work and responsibility they have, it seems fair to me at least to pay the BID a fee.
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If this propisal is accepted and adopted, it not only be a good and fair decision because the members of Yem Foundation have sacrificed their time and energy to bring our everyday money to the rate where it is today for the happiness of all Yem holders and this will a justice.
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great thanks for them , they do very well for our yem but we need accept to sell yem with others coins and we hope we can Exchanging our currency with other currencies and on popular exchange platforms
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Moi je suis pleinement d'accord que ces représentants soient recompensés pour leur dur travail et bien fait. C'est grâce aux efforts de ce dernier conseil que le yem a pû s'établir. Reste à définir comment et combien sera la récompense.
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Exactly , definitely I agree with your statement above . BOD are doing excellent jobs with YEM Foundation and its a Big YES , they deserve a fair and just compensation of their great services !
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Rewarding the YEM Foundation Board of Directors

Firstly, I fully agree with the suggestions for changing the structure of the YEM Foundation, that is, having 3 boards including an advisory one.
I would like to make a suggestion : that an annual stipend or gratuity is given to each member of the 3 boards at the end of a year’s work, or on completion of their term, as it's a huge responsibility these boards are carrying on their shoulders to benefit all YEM Holders.
How much the stipend should be, or how it should be funded, I'm not sure, perhaps whoever is responsible for the distribution of YEM, could administer the funding.
Maybe we could start with rewarding the current YEM Foundation directors at the end of their tenure in the next couple of months; they have been beyond extraordinary in what they have accomplished for YEM holders, especially when considering, that their time and efforts have been on a voluntary basis.

How do you vote?

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We do not want to give incentives to a Board of Directors to serve for reward. It's best if volunteers serve so that they will put the business of YEM before their own interests.
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