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It's so good for the price of yem to go up but to accelerate when there is away of cashing out so that people can get some money which means that it will encourage more people to come on board
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Yes!. The future seems to be bright and amazing according what we see now!.
Let us put in more efforts to achieve more and more.
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It is nice for the Yem foundation work.
Our holding company is now going around the world because we are "the Power of We" and are ready to lead our generation
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I also take a this c hi ance to thank the yem foundation on increasing the yem price. A some of us are very happy a ND expect a lot more.
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Congratulations to the board of UAC. and the board of RCF for all the best services they render to us.
I an sure everyone is very happy to see the account of YEM skyrocketing, just like yesterday when it moved 0.85 , this was so amazing because it had never happened before.
I pray for the board to remain serving us for the next two years because it has the capacity and ability.
added by Anoche Lokwii Hassan 14 days ago 10    0

I did unjderstand there are some of the Board members who indicated to not be re-elected.

My question is, can we please ask them to go just for another three years and from there, they can do what they want?
These folks are the best, please let them stay a bit longer for just for free years. I know there must be even better than them, however, these folks are extraodinaries, having them for the next season is not bad decision.

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A big applause to our YEM BOD , for the huge increase of our YEM !
To All of you , Thank you very much for a job well done ...
KUDOS to the YEM Foundation President Ms Lora & her Team !!!
YEM Power ... YEM Rising !

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Félicitations à la fondation yem qui suit rigoureusement tout les mouvements de notre monnaie yem .la fondation est comme une mère qui veille sur son bébé yem. Je la félicité pour cette surveillance minicieuse que nous ressentons par la hausse des prix qui fait notre fierté parce que nous voyons nos comptes gonflés.
Merci au travailleurs de l'ombre qui sont les membres de la fondation
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Congratulating YEM Foundation Board Of Directors for the recent increase in the value of YEM!

We thank the YEM Foundation BID for the recent update meanwhile members are supporting the idea of re-electing the 7 BID and we are suggesting the selection of supervisors over each Country.. This will make leadership easy for the company to corporate with All its members and customers.

How do you vote?

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