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I suggest the renewal of those in charge of work who contributed to the promotion and development of the esteemed company without being elected. Provided that the election is for those who request non-renewal.
added by Anonymous 12 days ago 2    0

It is realy good to elect the new leadership however they still have capability to lead us so I shall a point them again because they have done a lot of developments in our project they even deserve to be apritiated early God less them we shall vote them again

added by 1000841670 13 days ago 2    0

Since lot of new members have joined and holding YEM, there is a need for an election and there is a nececity of a country head to inform the present development and changes of the economy and the governments attitude towards crypto. This is also necessary to co-ordinate or to listen to the problems of the YEM holders with an intention to invite more and more people to become YEM holders. Since most of the countries are in favour of crypto and to take a top position in crypto ranking committed and experienced supervisors or national level executives are a must.
added by Anonymous 13 days ago 3    0

"One good turn deserves another"
I think they have really done their part positively and I personally do appreciate that.
However, they are still capable, energetic, good ideas to ensure the progress of the foundation (I believe in them).
Re-electing the candidate will enable them to make a continue not a start implying they are suitable to take the foundation forward for the next term.
They already hold my vote, thanks.
added by 1000943020 13 days ago 3    0

The proposals are great and good for the development of our currency. BND will make YEM popular at national levels and accelerate global adoption.
added by 1000004249 14 days ago 4    0

I also think there should be reelection of the international board of directors for the yem foundation and national supervisors.
added by Anonymous 14 days ago 5    0

This idea is quite good.This idea will help in easy management of the company and it will encourage the members to mobilize more members to join the safezone.
added by Anonymous 14 days ago 5    0

As for me,l also support the reelections because it was planned that way at the beginning.
And the other board to represent countries is also very good especially when it comes to the fulfillment of our smart contracts. It is better when every country is able to help people who engage themselves in any sort of business in the Unicorn network.
About expanding the usability, it will all depend on its publicity so that more people will see it as an opportunity when transmissions are possible all the time you want
added by Anoche Lokwii Hassan 14 days ago 6    0

Cool,we should refresh our blood flowing periodically.its Nice with this proposal.and must thank to our existing board for the best contribution and the hard work thy done, thanks a lot.
added by Ahmed Arafa 14 days ago 6    0

The current BID has performed very well and I think We should keep and support them for the next 3 Year's
added by 1000117307 14 days ago 6    0

We should support the idea of re-electing Board Of International Directors and a Country Supervisor.

For better leadership in YEM Foundation and Safezone at large, I We suggest should re-election of the 7 board directors since the company is expanding every new .. and there should be supervisor/coordinator in each country all over the 6/7 continents.

This idea will help in easy management of the company and it will encourage the members to mobilize more members to join the company with the Power Of We.

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