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It's true what you speak really comes true one must be serious with words of his or her mouth. When you believe that you will one time buy a good car and confece it God himself provides for it. Even when you say to your children that they are dormant, thieves, lazy, they will outomaticaly become
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Its very important for one to measure up the words that are to be said. Because they keep on ringing in the ears of the listener. Words said at times contribute to one's reaction over a given situation.
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Words different values, words make people your thinking capacity.. whether you’re a fool or wise, whether you’re living low standard or you got dignity.
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words makes a difference between wise person and a fool person. Words reflect what the inner person is thinking.
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Mind your words whatever you speak is alive in your life and it will come to pass

Words creates life and death, words makes people to fall in love and they separates them, words makes a deferent between wise person and a fool person, words makes an evil covenant and a good covenant so think twice before you speak to have peace Amen

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