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Every man has both the good and the bad spirit indwelling him.That one is surrounded by bad people should not make a person who wants to be good to change to bad. I do know that situations and circumstances, peer pressure, (especially on the youths), can make a good man change to be bad but it ought not be so. We should always listen to the good spirit that dwell in
us and not allow the actions of bad people influence us whether they be close by or far from us. .
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One of the most important element a human being has is a choice. That's the reason a human being was created different from all these other creatures. Most of the things we are going through is the choice we had made some years ago. Living in this world helps us to observe some daily activities but that does not mean you can take part in every activities and that's the choice which we have been given.
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Being surrounded by bad people doesn't mean you should be a bad person. You can never know that you might change one of these bad people into a good person. These bad people can also show you what really the world is and gives you a better thought on how to make a world a better place.
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everyone have their own awesome part to play, there are those people who are meant to be cruel, rude, disrespectful but one still has a choice to make.
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It is very true because no man is an island,but we have to understand that, the more you get surrounded with bad guys,the more chances of adapting their systems.
The good thing is that we have the brain which can make us distinguish between good and bad. The moment you find out the hidden characters in any of your friends, first try to correct him and shape him in a good form,but if he refuse,then the next step is to kick him off your string and avoid him completely.
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Being surround by bad peoples doesn’t mean you should change into bad person.

Life is like a game, everyone have their own awesome part to play, there are those people who are meant to be cruel, rude, disrespectful, with low mind of misunderstandings.. they’re playing major role of wickedness... without such people in life’s, you wouldn’t have understand the true standards of living.

If God have bless with pure heart, understanding mind and Loving soul.

Than it’s your major role to play the game being good person. Prove to world, that you’re the Living gift and let God be proud of You!

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The people sorounding you matters a lot on your behavior if you are living with thieves you may end up stealing, leaving with Christian you become a believer so is more important to mind about people to live with or without
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