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Yes, we all have the same time of the day created in the same shape ie 2legs arm Manti on them and even the one with disabilities have them in their inner man. So nothing should be but in place for one to defend himself or her self
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I disagree. God blessed everybody but not equally. That is why many christians claim the blessings of Abraham. They realise that the patriarch received greater blessings from God so they pray to be blessed in the same way. I think that what matters is how we use the little we are blessed with.
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Everything is available yes but may be time might not yet have come for some people to succeed in there lives.
Though no one is asleep, every one is trying till that time comes to harvest there success
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Think about what you loved as a child if you don't know what you want in life yet as a starting point. And be open to learning and growing, if you have a will, there is a way. Be determined for your success, your well of energy never dries up, the more you pull out of it, the more you receive.
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Yes it is.and we should now that in every thing we need blessings even in producing,business, dressing and much more
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In the story of creation the Bible shows that God gave man each and every thing he needs in life before he created him and gave him knowledge to be a co created so nothing else to beg from God instead to exercise the power of gratitude
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You have every thing you need to succeeded in you life

Every body is blessed equally in life by God. So your role is to know your blessed part of life.
Same people are blessed in leadership, business, talking etc
So what you should know is where you are blessed and is where you will get success pro or no

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