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What's the meaning of,BOBL? and what's the benefits of that, because of some of us we don't know BOBL.
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Looking forward to see Bobl platform back online and much better at all levels. For sure will have the capacity to be one of the top best social media platforms on the online world ))
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BOBL comeback Bigger & Better more compliant monitored content management possible!

BOBL comeback into Social Media role after such very long layoff offline since early last decade has seen since then Social Media like Facebook & Video YouTube become very powerful influential Worldwide managed by thousands of its Staff for content that doesn't breach Trademark, Copyright, Content rules plus BOBL will require posting to chose in the right category for monitoring requiring extra Staff, so are you confident that Unicorn will successfully handle BOBL comeback as Bigger & Better more compliant monitored content management possible?

How do you vote?

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