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Yes, it will be good if the existing YEM holders and the incoming are allowed to buy more YEM though not yet verified but restriction be only to selling.

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I am more interested in allowing new members buy as much Yem as they can afford without many restrictions. Yem is getting very popular in the world of Crypto currencies but many people are just beginning to understand it's value and the benefit of acquiring the Coin. Therefore, they should be helped to buy YEM but not to sell immediately. Let the YEM go round the world; create the necessary awareness and impact the whole world!
added by 1000851268 11 days ago 2    0

This is a very good though, and it will also help in encouraging or enabling members to verify at a high rate... It could work too.
Because many are not verified and the rate of verification is a bit low.
added by Anonymous 12 days ago 3    0

Affiliate members and new members to buy any amount of YEM they want but not to sell.

I would love to suggest that, if members can have a green light to buy any amount of YEM they want but can't just sell until they get verified and comply with the KYC/AML.
Now YEM is becoming famous and more people'll love to buy more YEM and since is taking a bit longer to get verified through IDnow, it could be a good idea members to be allow to buy the amount they need even they are not verified through IDnow for the KYC/AML and the restriction can be just done on selling if they are not verified.

How do you vote?

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