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I conquer with what you have written, but on the other hand again, GOD knew what was going to happen since the Creation of man being the ALPHA and the OMEGA. But the message is really absolutely nothing and really nice.
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Man be calm you have to resist evil by all means. God gave us free will to chose to do right or do weong and I think I was good.
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How I wish God made us without the choice of choosing evil! W

How I wish God made us without the choice of choosing evil!
When I ponder about evil and it's origin, I come to wish that at least God would have made us without the choice to choose evil. I wish all choices were good!
All I know is that all people like to do what is good and pleasing. But the circumstances, the environment, the conditions that prevail, at times induce one to act contrary. The murders, the sucides, the wars, the tonadoes, the floods etc all bring about displacement and misery. Sin being the mother of all. How I wish our first parents (ADAM & EVE) weren't given choice or ability to choose evil.

How do you vote?

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I said no because if God did not make us to choose between good and evil His plan in creation will be hard to accomplish. How will the rapture take place if we are all good? Will everybody be raptured? Certainly not. Some people must populate heaven while some must be elsewhere - hell. It is left to man to choose to be good or bad. The consequences of the choice we make on earth awaits us.
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The pleasure of life as God created it. Good and evil go hand in hand. And God created the mind for us to distinguish good from evil. Some people deviate from good to evil, while others teach and turn to good. Whoever is pleased with him, his Lord, will live in goodness and pleasure, and whoever is not satisfied with his Lord will live in misery.
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