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Once the government starts to meddle with the media, to determine what the people should or shouldn't read it view and it is time for election, know that such government is up to some thing exclusive of the interest of the people. Whatever reasons they may have for shutting off the the media from the people is against the interest of the masses. Anyway, I thank the Unicorn for introducing Pro or No. We can always interact on this platform.
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you really making a very big point as me it really made me excited because it came in the time when we need to add more effort in this platform to make it fly so let me appeal to every member to continue using this pro or no to reach the msg to the people even or messenger also we have to use it as well
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Ugandans let's use this period to boost this platform as other big social platforms are down

President of Uganda officially announced the atemporary closure on social media platforms ie Facebook and WhatsApp...This has affected our usual businesses on those platforms but luckily we have ProorNo....we are so grateful of unicorn network for planning this platform

How do you vote?

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