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Thinking before we act or we talk any thing it would have been better and we 1st think about it because this is the only way we can conquer the world.
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There is power in the tongue. Also what we do matter a lot especially when our action is directed at other people. Anybody who cannot have control over his words and actions is like a mad person holding a gun; he can cause a lot of damage. A Bad word can cut deeper than a knife. People have been known to commit suicide because of what they heard from others.
It is said that action speaks louder than words. Can you imagine that? 'words can wound but action can do more damage and it's often irreversible.' It is good that we think before we speak or act. Always remember that you are dealing with a fellow human with all our frailties. When angry, say nothing, do nothing, take a deep breath and count to 10 before you do anything.. By so doing, the foaming anger would have started to subside and you'll be able to make a better decision.
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Think Before You Act And Before You Utter A Word

Everyone human reaches at a point where they become upset and that can be termed as a boiling point, but nether the less, it's always important, to sit down and analyse a situation before you reach to a conclusive point. When one is upset, He/she does not take time to think what will be the outcome after one acts and hence one will act or make a decision which will be based on his or her feelings or interest not thinking of the damage it might cause to the other side. Being upset is normal and it's nature but let us first think before we act and before we utter any words. Who knows, you might destroy someone's future and you might build someone's future at the same time again by the same words we utter
All in all, let's be people's builders by being analytical in everything action we take so that we can save a life.

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