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Indeed indeed, everyday is a good day to make a self discovery and get a way forward towards the life goals.
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Knowing where you have the right ability and where your weaknesses lie gives you the knowledge to determine your next step towards what you will become. Many people take a leap in the dark and fall into the deep then turn around to blame others. A friend's daughter found it fashionable anytime she saw lady doctors with their stethoscope over their shoulders. She decided to study and train to become a doctor. But many of us knew she would never become one as she didn't have what it takes. After she failed the first examination woefully and was sent away from medical school, she realised her mistake. Today, she is one of the best cosmetologists in my country. Haha! Think of going from wanting to be a doctor to actually becoming a cosmetologist. It is good to know what you can do and try to be the best at it.
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Knowing Ones Self brings Success

Knowing one's self is one of the cardinal element to succes. It's important to reflect our works, then we see the things we mostly do well in. There are times we want to do what others are doing just because our things are not working according to our plans. We end up running other people's race and by the time we come to realise, we would have spent much time doing things we where not suppose to do. Know what you better then work on those things which can bring success than running others race. Remember what can work for others doesn't mean it can work for you as well.

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