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That's greatly true and thanks for sharing this information...
It comes to those who are prepared in all ways and those who are organized enough to make good use of the opportunity.
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To be embodied is already the greatest success ever to be achieved as a person. However, I propose to leave the box of success and failure, happiness and unhappiness entirely in order to reach new levels of consciousness.
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We all encounter opportunities at certain times in our lives. But what we do with any opportunity that comes our way is what matters. I use myself as an example of grabbing a chance when it is available. In January 2018, a friend introduced me to UNICORN. I didn't quite understand how it worked but I keyed into it with faith and brought in others. Today, we all have a new song to sing and we are full of great expectations. Opportunities come to us, not once as they say but many times. The question is how do we use them? Thank you and remain focused.
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Succes Comes To Every Human Being

When we hear people who has succeded or who have made it in their lives, the first thing we think of is that their background is attached to their riches. But that's not the case to some people. The bible talks about time and chance happening to them all. If you read the biography's of these people who are rich, it's not that they had any rich background attached them, but it was just their time and the chance they had of which they utilised well. For me everyone in this world will have this chance but what matters most is what you do with it. Just as the rains rain everythere, so are the opportunities. Remember at your time, even a curse turns into a blessing

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Success comes to every human being only if one works hard , hard work pays so if one works hard , he or she will always be successful.
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Success not come to every one, if it have been so every person on this world would have been successful in everything he or she dose.
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Success is not for everyone, if it so every one could have succeed but because it not for all that why you see it that way it is now. Success is for those who are propared for the opportunities
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