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Indeed if there was no technology also we would not be here talking to each other. You don't know where I am and I don't know where you are. so tech is simplifying this.
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For sure this generation is very easy and faster in all angles, no need to take long with out hearing from your people regardless of distance everything is OK wawawa, digital transformation we are in class ready to welcome whatever you bring to us.
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Use of modern technology has greatly been benifial in this modern world. For instance the use of social media, emails has eased up communication. The introduction of online banking and online shopping reduces the ancient long queues when one needs money or is buying something.
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Technology has done more and more good.thats why even we know communicate with many friends dealing with many business people while at home enjoying coffee and watching television.
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Yes of course because everything is quickened say, money transfer, transportation and all that. I believe in years to come, it will be more better than now.
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Modern technology has made the world a global village. We are closer together more than we know. Often I get information about what happened in my village faster than the villagers. With my phone I can travel the world, talk with people without spending much. I am taking part in Pro Or No, making friends and earning money because of modern technology. I wonder what a world of zero technology looked like.
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Use of modern technology has greatly benefited the world economy and simplified people's lives.

For instance using email in business is:
CHEAP - sending an email costs the same regardless of distance and the number of people you send it to and
PHONES - a call reaches a recipient in just seconds hence making contact with loved ones very easy yet affordable
CONVENIENCE- Imagine the confort one feels with his smart phone, texting, chatting, sharing, tagging,taking selfies and swipping the screen.. oulalalaaaa...!!!

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