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Most people do keep with people that are meaningless to their lives & actually don't add anything on their lives instead deduct alot from that they have built for some time. Therefore, its true that people we live with are not good so we need get rid of such people so that we can probably proceed in life. It's the only way to go higher without them .
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Indeed it very true we should not wait for anyone because the future is in our hands not the government but some people have a belief that everything will be solved by the government yet their are the government.

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Achieving your Goals and Objectives. Part 5

1.Do not wait for the government of your country, They arel disappointing, Take your Destiny into your own Hands and Stop Fooling.
2.Cut down friendship, I say unnecessary friendships.
3. Do not trust judges and lawters , they have always being biased, if you doubt me kindly ask John the Baptist and Zacchaeus.
4. To every home there is a Judas and a Joseph. Be the Joseph and not the Judas.

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