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A lot of people now a days most especially the one ones are seeking for the so called love. My comment for this one is actually a case to case basis. Why? Because once there was a time in our life that I gave all my love to someone but at the end of the day that someone did the love me back the way I love her.
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Yes people were born to love and love is a pandemic even those with bad hearts like the rebels also have lovers and they fight very hard to give them maximum care after offending others
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I believe it also but again there are those whom you show love yet they hiding bad things behind you you know that the person who kills you is the person who has ever known you well .
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Absolutely Wright
I always wonder how God created a baby! Babies are the best creatures on earth just like angles
They don't care one minute sad another minute smiling they have unconditional love
If we all behave like babies the world would have been a better place

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It is good to love and loved like the way our parents used.if that love is shown every were or to every person this earth will be so enjoyed.
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It's normally feels good when someone looked after like she/he is the only creature on this this earth. That's why most cases should that love be terminated one can resort to dubious actions which probably lead to miserable life
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Infact the way we care to our children would have the best way to show love to others, because expresion of feelings towards all people arround us makes them feel like yes he or she truely love whole heartedly.
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Definitely am on the positive side, love is all about caring and being responsible, providing basic necessities like shade, food, education, and having listening skills to people's opinions
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The best way to win someone's heart is by loving them like they are a child.

When you were a child, you liked being in the spotlight, all you thought about was you and you enjoyed it when people cherished you. When we grow up and meet other people at school ,work places and even in our relationships, the best way to win them is by praising them ,showing them motherly love, welcoming them wholeheartedly and opening up to them with a big smile. That way we trigger the young child in them and magically win their favor and love for us. Making friends is not about praising yourself to be admired, it's instead praising and loving others to be accepted.

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Even I u love them like a child the disappoint...but if you're confident and u can attract the guy or your dreams and content in your own self .. confidence is the most attractive traits a person can possibly have and it will make u less anxious about failure,
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Very interesting understanding of love. And in this case whether the beloved will not feel as mentally retarded?
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Love should be reciprocal. I can show love to a person because he is a human being created by God. I cannot praise
somebody who does not deserve praise simply because I want to win his love. That is deceitful. Its better I tell the person the way I feel about him so he would learn to change.
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