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Across Africa long standing dictators are losing their grip on power..yet the end of dictators does not necessarily prevent the rise of anew many African Nations democracy rests on shakyfoundation
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I may not a hundred percent choose that it will take long to go away from Africa or it will take just a short period od time and end. This all depends on the leader's attitude. If their attitde is to stay as dictators, they will be dictators but if they think otherwise, also the actions will be otherwise
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African leaders do things for themselves not for their people.
So unless they develop patriotisms, dictatorial rule will increase.
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Yes because it's impacted to others , so to end it isn't easy as such ..unless we Africans we unite and put the fear of GOD in hearts and value humanity otherwise not easy to end .
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In Uganda, a man who once criticised other leaders for overstaying their welcome, now seems determined to remain in power indefinitely after President Yoweri Museveni removed constitutional and age limits and will contest for a sixth term in elections in 2021.

Rwanda’s Paul Kagame had adopted a similar approach and buttressed it by abducting his critics.

Both leaders are edging closer to Presidents Biya of Cameroon and Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea – currently the two longest serving leaders in the world.

African presidents extending terms: ‘Let’s express our disapproval loud and clear’

Worryingly, Kagame and Museveni are not alone – over the next nine months another set of presidents will try and join this most exclusive of clubs.

New generation
In Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Zambia, leaders will bid for a third-term in office in elections that are unlikely to be either free or fair.

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It's really a shame to African leaders especially in Uganda, where a leader can't reason beyond his nose, in this 21st century a leader can't give a chance to citizens excise their skills in leadership
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Absolutely Wright
Africa needs prayers
It's so annoying to see the leaders behaving like they will live forever all they care about is making history whether bad the less they care
My Uganda the only homeland!!!more prayers so heartbreaking who can help !!! the guns are with the dictator him self we have nothing only God
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Unless African people,society,start loving themselves,stop hatred,corruption,embezzlement,loving otherrs and also leaders realise that Africa is their continent and also stop thinking that they are poor,stop hatred,killings,dictators will remain in Africa
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On the proposers side, this comes as the leaders voted in power start the objectives of swirdling people money in the name of correcting tax to benefit the country as a whole but it end in just a bunch of fewer people in power if one person. This put people at a begging point, making it possible the leader in power to use the swirdled money to fund their compaigns. Hence long stay in power. This further is copied by the incoming leaders also stay longer. And the longer they stay the more dictatorship executed
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Often I had wondered why we are like that. Elections in Africa are always inconclusive and democracy is truncated. The reasong is because someone who is in power does not want to leave power and the person who wants to take over from him will not give up until lives are lost. Why should it be so? Change will come but it will take a long time. What we all need is to change the way we think and act .
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Indeed it will take long because everyone who comes want to first settle their, family, clan and relatives problems if not yet to finish them out no leaving seat.
And most of them tend to be wise than any other creature they think they are the over all with out them nothing can happen.
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It is true because everyone in African want to certify his or her own benefit which is very bad in Africa we should come together as a group to fight his greedy heart
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Dictatorial rule will take long to end in Africa.

According to my analysis as an African Ugandan i guise dictatorial rule will take too long to end in African countries where presidents think that organizing elections is the only sign that symbolizes Democracy weather human rights are violated or not, weather elections are free and fair or not for them they say we are democratic.

How do you vote?

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