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The first point said that you're the achtect of your own future , where by you either choose to be poor or to be rich depending on how to tune in your mind sets..
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The following are causes .unemployment or precarious) job as this limits access to a decent income and cuts people off from social networks;
low levels of education and skills because this limits people’s ability to access decent jobs to develop themselves and participate fully in society;
the size and type of family i.e. large families and lone parent families tend to be at greater risk of poverty because they have higher costs, lower incomes and more difficulty in gaining well paid employment;
gender – women are generally at higher risk of poverty than men as they are less likely to be in paid employment, tend to have lower pensions, are more involved in unpaid caring responsibilities and when they are in work, are frequently paid less even for the same job ;
disability or ill-health because this limits ability to access employment and also leads to increased day to day costs;
being a member of minority ethnic groups .
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A simple example: It’s a common myth that “you have to have money to make money.” Most of the 400 self-made wealthy I surveyed for Business Brilliant would prefer to have other people invest in their ideas. Why? First, it’s a good filter to see if others agree that the idea is worth pursuing; second, it helps the entrepreneur preserve their own capital. The middle class are less willing to ask other people for money because they fear being rejected or, if they find an investor, fear of letting that person (often a friend or family member) down. The self-made wealthy ignore this concern. That's the biggest reason why some people are poor and others rich.
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I discuss on 2 ie time and choices
Time I a factor of production, right now spend time here making our yem grow but other have not to chat. Being a success is not a chance but a choice. This could be one of the reasons why am here jotting. These two time and choices contribute much to ones success. If u choose not take any action how do u expect results. They actions and reaction are but opposite. Let's keep making good choices and utilising our God given Time.
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To a lazy man, opportunities move like air, he does not see or hear it. But to a man whose antennas are out and observant, opportunities move like elephant. He hears it and sees it and immediately goes for it. Many of the people I invited to join the Unicorn and they ignored me, are now asking questions and are blaming themselves.
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After reaching on this planet we thought that we have to sit and every thing will come while for geting that you have to use your brain and to put things into action while welcoming oppotunities that seem to be our breakthrough by trying our lucks with patience.
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Everyone born poor but given everything on Earth by God so why others poor or rich

This is because this world is full of choices and humans are the architecture of there own lives for example!If afriend begs you to buy yem and hold it when the price is still low and you refuse then wwho to blame of you being poor God or u your self look at Bitcoin now

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