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That's right to the big percentage but there is also a small percentage having positive minds but facing so many hindering factors
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Yes everyone is responsible for his own life because everything u do has an out come for example when you invest you get positive returns and when you invest wrongly you get negative returns hence being the architecture of your own life
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you want to be the architect of your life you have to be willing to take control. You have to be able to make the decisions that move your life forward. If you aren’t able to do that, you will be in that rut. And five years later you will be asking yourself the same questions and giving yourself the same bullsh*t answers.

Sometimes we need to take control away from our parents. Sometimes we need to take control from our partner so we can work together to build something. And sometimes we even have to take control away from our children. Because we are the adults and we know better. We have to trust ourselves to do the best for our children by taking control.

It’s not control in a control freak type of way either. It’s being responsible. It’s not letting years pass by while you are silently miserable and building up resentment the size of Burj Khalifa. Take the reins. Steer your own ship. Be the architect
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Definitely 100% correct
We a responsible for own, whatever results we obtain they a based on ourselves. If work smark and hard then expect good results. If no work done then good results for us. If we saw hatred then expect hatred in return.if we follow and take action on our objectives then the objectives we become a reality. That is why they say imagination is better than knowledge. Thanks to read through
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Your thoughts and what you incubate within you, determine what you will become. However, I believe in the destiny factor also. But if a person always exude negative energy his chances of making it big will be minimized. But a positive thinker and an outgoing person, is a winner any day.
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Very true because you are the one to know where you supposed to reach, how will you make it to get better results, you fail to plan then you will remain poor the rest your life.
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You are the Achtecture of your own life true or false

True this is because everything we are in this world it's because of our own actions and thinking and when we become failures we blame others yet this world is full of choices and when you think negatively,u get negative results and when you think positively you get positive results

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