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Even Jesus told you to remove the log from your eye before you remove the one from your neighbor. It's good to help but when you can help your self first.
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Yes it's like we live in the jungle where the giant elephants and lions feed on the small animals same applies to us now a days .
Big nations feed on small ones .
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This world becomes easier to a person who is fittest / flexible
You can bare with any situation
You welcome all situations with a smile no fear at all we don't need to be very strong
And there is a saying that "Strongness doesn't win *an axe doesn't cut nails*
It's not all about being strong I think flexibility is more important
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Today I will talk of 3S ie serve, survive and stay. For anyone to live longer on this Earth we to first serve our communities with what we have in return we shall survive. Through surviving every day we stay to serve. Take it a point always help the needy through serving them so that u survive and my case
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Yes. Survival of the fittest is what we see now . But it was not meant to be so from the beginning. The command was that we should care for one another irrespective of our own situation. But all that has changed. Now it is either you eat me for breakfast or I eat you for dinner. No empathy, no sympathy.
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It is very true,
Because oppotunities comes but not every one welcome it but when you are wise enough and you analys things at a distance and having goals to shoot that means first care about your self and then think for the rest.
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This world is survival for the fittest or only the strong survive!

True this is because the world is like jungle law every animal feeds on the other,only the strong survive,that why before caring about others first care about your self and become happy then you also think about other

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