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Yes because He supplies all our needs , imagine you wake up in the morning very fine , oxygen free , sunshine free so what else should we ask Him other than thanking Him.
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Give thanks to the Lord of lords: to him who alone does great wonders, who by his understanding made the heavens, who spread out the earth upon the waters, who made the great lights - the sun to govern the day, the moon and stars to govern the night…” (Psalm 136:3-9).

We have the opportunity to appreciate God's handiwork as well. Looking up into a bright blue sky, sitting on the beach or a walk in the woods is a way to find refreshment and calm. Through giving thanks God gets the motivation to give us what we need since he knows everything we need before we make any request .
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We should be thankful in all situations because God knows better than we and so he can't bring for us what's not suitable for our situation and that's why I always pray for his courage to make me thankful even at my death point because there those who died at their earliest days
Am so thankful full and grateful for the person I am no complains not at all
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Amen!!! God I really thank you for the gift of life and where you have made me reach this far. I thank God for the gift of family and many thanks go to the greatness i have had.
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God said that He made us in his image and likeness. So, why should we become failures. God is not a failure and if we are like Him, we ought not to fail. But because we choose to be lazy, we don't use our thinking faculty, we expect manna to fall from heaven for us, that is why we fail into poverty and oblivion. I pray that we use what God has endowed us with to better our lives and make Him proud.
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Indeed we need to be thankful because He gave us all the resources to use and achieve ou dreams but some of us tend sit and relax and wait for Him to come do for us.
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Nothing to request from God just thanking him

This is because God gave us everything we need in this life,instead we have to just thank him however we fail to exploit our potentials by being lazy in terms of thinking and hardwork hence becoming failures and start complaining and blaming God for nothing

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I don't agree with u. Apart from being thankful, it is practical in our daily life for example, a father can provide every thing to the son but when a son request from him he feels happier.

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I don't agree with u
Apart from being thankful, we need to communicate to God what need in alive so that He makes better arrangements for u to achieve it. Infact, God needs us praise, glorify, ask and thank him in testimonies. Noway God give something u didn't ask for.
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Modern understandings of God are really very interesting.
However, the Bible still says:
שאל, וזה יינתן לך (Hebr.)
Ρωτήστε, και θα σας δοθεί. (Gr.)
Petite, et dabitur vobis. (Lat.)
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