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There is need for serious calculation for a person to decide what to do in order to achieve a set goal. You must be prepared to leave your comfort zone, be ready to do anything that is legitimate, and not be afraid to get dirty in the process.
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It is very good to know the qualities of the man or woman you really want to love, not everyone who will come across your way that you will love him, thou gifts were brought but dont become a devil of your self.
Always we should focus on thest we want thou it will take time but it will come to pass with patience.
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Achieving your Goals and Objectives. Part 6

1. Do not accept gifts from any man you do not love, because some gifts are tokens of destruction or the locus centre for our enemies to have access into our future.
2.Deny yourself of lot of goodies for a better future. Get dirty for now and stay clean for a glorious future. That's to say, put your hands and your energy to work. Some of us are joking too much

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