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A lot of people place priorities on things that should be left undone for a while. For instsnce, a car is necessary but not a priority. Marriage is good but it shouldn't be done before a little financial stability. What follows after marriage expenses is often, another round of expenses.
Buy a land instead of a car. A car depreciates with time but a land appreciates. Be wise.
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It is very good always to follow your heart not to do things under someones pressure into something.
It will be better to take your time to make a final decission which is the best for your with out pleasing anyone at all.
In order not to regrets after.
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Achieving your Goals and Objectives. Part 7

1. Buy a land instead of a car.
2.Do not marry because they said you should, kindly marry because intrinsically, you are ready and please marry your friend. I repeat marry your friend.
3.Do not sleep to date any lady or guy who hasn't added any value to himself/herself. Think and plan deeply about your future.

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