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Check your background but do not allow it to influence you. You may not be born with a silver spoon in your mouth but you can acquired one for your don of daughter. Give life a deep thought and apply wisdom. Avoid unnecessary spending. You, too, can build a legacy for your own generation. You can make it.
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Indeed it is very true,
Because if you discover that behind your back ground no one who has been well off for decades, now it means you have to work hard to change your story and become the legend in your family but through sacrificing alot.
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Achieving your Goals and Objectives. Part 8

1. Always look at your background, Generals do not leave a TRACE
2. Do not follow the negative trends of the day, do not follow the flash things of today....IT WILL ALL FADE AWAY, WORK TOWARDS YOUR DREAM AND ASPIRARIONS.
3. Be bold and confident about your future.... regardless of your background... YOU CAN BE RELEVANT AND PULL THROUGH.

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