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Very ready my friend,why not ? Every one is now alert to go with vision but there still need to be more educated about the point.
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Yes. Africa is ready to embrace innovations. Recently, some African leaders have realised the need to lift their people out of backwardness and poverty and move them into the awareness that is going on in developed nations of the world. The knowledge of Science and technology are what Africa needs to evolve. I am happy Africa is on track.
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Before 2010, very few African countries except for South Africa had an active innovation policy. Since then, several countries have launched active innovation policies, including Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco. Likewise, Rwanda established National Commission for Science and Technology. They engaged in the development of RDI centres, incubators and demonstrators, science and technology parks and are structuring their IPO systems; they provide incentives schemes and systems including incentives to researchers and innovation funds. Such an effort clearly shows you that Africa is ready
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Ofcourse yes,
This time round God has remembered us we African now are trying to fit in th system unless some individual who axcepted to die poor.
But African who are wise and observant enough are ready for the innovatons.
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Will Africa catch up with the new world innovations?

According to what is happening in the world Africa look to be still sleeping, and to make matters worse African leaders are major obstacles for the development of their areas because they limit their with information, even when they try by themselves you find a lot of intimidation and arrests because they have fear of technology and innovation, in developing countries technology and innovation should be the key figures to emphasize on such that they can also see the light of the already developed countries but in Africa it's vise versa.

How do you vote?

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