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The way the cryptocurrency awareness has gone so far, from my own part of the world, and as far as the Yem is concerned, seems that many middle class and the poor people keyed into acquiring it. The economic changes in their livestyles will be dramatic.
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Yes even it's already in adoption by now ...most of the countries are noe in digital so I Believe by next year all nations would be on the System .
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For me what i know is that nothing is imposible with time ctypto currency board of directors will look into those poor people in rulal areas in that they also fit in the generation by providing fiat to them.
I think its a good idea.
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Will crypto currencies be adopted as fiat by all classes of people?

There are three classes of people living in this world.
The poor class
The middle class
The rich class
This comes as a result of economic setup by the federal reserve entities, the world's economy is shared by few individuals who controls the rest of the worlds economy and this creates a gap between them and the other groups of people.
We have seen crypto currencies having a different system which is not controlled by the same group, and here the wise passes the poverty line, we expect to see things happening differently the poor becoming rich the rich becoming something we don't understand, if this is the formation should we expect new cities in rural areas or the fulfillment of the Bible's statement that those who will be behind will be in front and those in front will be behind.

How do you vote?

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