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The government has started teaching people to learn how to use money through phones that means it is chasing cash from them slowly then after people will Open their eyes slowly after knowing that imposibilities can change into possibilities.
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My fellow Ugandan pliz don't expect the garvanament to tell something about digital revolution just make your own research of you want to change your living
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Ugandans always think that they are wise and ignore such opportunities waiting for the government to look after them from their houses
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I believe the govt might not communicate to the general about when to start the business of yem project. Bcoz even Ugandans a using some other currencies like USD,Kenya shillings without being told. So have a feeling that even yem might be the issue.
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Some people need to be sensitaized about cryptocurrencies to come to understanding it how it can work for them and how it's of beneficial to them
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Will the people of Uganda wait until their government tells them to use cryptocurrencies? I don't think so. The cryptocurrency craze is taking nations unaware and sucking them in. Uganda will not be an exception. Just watch
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Government will not but people will see where to go.
This can't happen that the government can tell people about crypto no but the change will change them.
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When will the government tell Ugandans to start using digital currencies

I Wonder what's happening to our people who use and adopt technological advancements like social media and mobile money without the government's directives' .but you find the same people waiting for the government to first direct them to start using digital currencies but when you ask one that when did the government allow you to start using mobile money ,What will be the answer?

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