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Opening my Holy Book should be done daily. But sincerely speaking its so ashaming having less time for The Holy Book. Always one needs The Holy Book to nourish the soul and mind.
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Walsh for Gods sake I take to open and read my Bible and the worst thin is I have it and I sleep with it . ohhh my God pliz forgive me
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The Bible is the Word of God and it is important for christians to read and study it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many do not because they are too lazy or they do not understand the power in the Bible.. As for me, every morning I seek strength and direction for each day's activities from the holy book and at night I use His Word to thank Him for seeing me through the day .
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Opening and reading through the holly relieved book is like reading through the county's constitution for the case of politicians to get guidance and directions over different matter.
A dormant MP is he who take no or less time for the constitution. what about you before your GOD.
Spare time and read through your Godly massages on a daily routine.

How do you vote?

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