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Infact we should be care ful with the people we share with belongings, because people have problems u knowingly you may end up talking their problems.
We should always be careful with the public place because they are covered with deadly spirits.
We should always analys our ways of responding to people because any slight of our tongue can cause injury into our lives.
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Some people have a cursing tongue. Once they know your plans,they start immediately to curse and cancel. If you are not so prayerful you might end up swimming in such negative utterance.
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In number 3, it's always a better option for you to throw back the question so that you get their view as you take time thinking of the proper answer. In most cases the answer is right within the statement they give you.
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Let me add these:
Do not tell anybody what you plan to do to better your life. You may have unknowingly spoken to your rival.
Stop mentioning names of people when you discuss with your friend inside a public transport. You don't know who knows who.
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Avoiding telling everyone one your dreams and your plans is also a factor of failing people to succeed. We should always be mind ful on what we tell people.
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Achieving your Goals and Objectives. Part 11

1. Do not kiss any how, some tongues are snales and path of destruction, ask Jesus Christ.
2.Avoid eating at where a lot of people love to eat, avoid sitting on public chair if you are not solidly a prayer person.
3.Do not always answer people when they ask you questions, some of your answers are ' a leading for them to work negatively against you'.

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