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Yes it is true because they act like angles, thats why God valued their words. They know nothing, just need to be loved, provide their needs the rest they dont care.
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The Bible says that children are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is the reward. God loves little children and He gives them as a reward to the faithful. If parents understand this, they would make it a duty to take good care of God's heritage.
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God values little children very much.

In the Bible, Jesus says let the little children come to me. Little ones are believed to be angles of God on this earth so be careful how you raise them up. God even said, that if we could act like little children in front of Him, we shall be able to get what we want in this life.

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I believe in God and I really appreciate what Goods He gives us but on that, I will urge, I thinks God treats us the same, if they are like angels why they get same deaths like us, cancer, accidents malaria and other sudden deaths. I think we are all the same.
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