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Little children forgive very easily. You observe them playing. Their issues are resolved almost instantly, unlike adults who carry grudges forever
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children are so innocent ,pretty and fun to be with. that is why most married couples go through so many things when they are unable to make babies. and i always pray for them believing that one day, they will have children and raise angels that will fear and honor GOD.
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Jesus mentioned in the holy book, that no one should forbid the little children to come to him. And if anyone should prohibit any child to come to the Lord, he should be tied up with a stone and drowned.
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In fact they are angles before God, and its we parents to direct or show them the right path to follow as the Lord said, lets take care of them by impacking good morals to fit in the community.
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Children are at most times unsinners even the bible says that jesus welcomes children into His kingdom
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Yes God love the younger ones better. Its our problem as parents if you neglect kids.
Not tolk to them spiritual norms hence annoy parents Stanton for God's angel s
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Yes. Little children are God's angels. They see what we sinful adults cannot see. God loves them and Jesus asked his disciples to allow them come to Him and parents to bring them up in the fear of God.
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Little children are angels in God's kingdom

The Bible clearly states that Jesus loved children very much when he said let the little children come to me. So this leaves us with an obligation as parents to raise up a good generation that fears the Lord or else we shall be judged in not bringing up God's angels well.

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These are some transatlantic simplistic sectarian views.
It has already been explained in the previous comment "NO!"
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This is not a biblical teaching."All have sinned and are deprived of the glory of God".So the Scripture teaches.The child has already inherited sin in the womb.The born child is not aware of his actions, but he is a sinner."The price of sin is death" So if a child dies, he will turn into dust as a human being, like his ancestor Adam.The dead do not go to heaven,but sleep the sleep of death.But they will be resurrected on earth in the future.This is what Paul said: "There will be a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous, as they themselves expect."Result:people are all sinners regardless of age and do not go to heaven after death,but sleep the sleep of death and await the resurrection in a future paradise on earth.
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