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Some of these so called international or global authorities have fallen short in ensuring that there are strict adherences to rule of law and the observance of human rights in many mber nations.
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Actually i also asked my self that question, May be they are there like titles but in actual sense they dont functions at all. I really doubt there ways of delivering service to those in need.
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Yeah,most nations like Europeans make it but the problem is still in African. Those who making they will help athers to organize peace.
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You called them by the right name "Myths.' I still wonder wht they still exist, why nobody has called for them to be scrapped. When I see what is happening in Yemen, Ethiopia etc., I wonder if the world leaders are being honest to themselves.
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Peace organizations are just a myth in this world

Peace organisations like European union, African union, united nations are founded on the foundation of making sure that member states thrive in a peaceful environment without wars. However with all the wars and political unrests happening around the world, it raises questions if these organisations are doing their job

How do you vote?

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No political organization can solve the world's problems.Only God's government, led by Christ, will eliminate all suffering.
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