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Indeed healthy is wealth because when you live a happy life with out any difficlties of deseases that indicates the you can acquire any kind of wealth you had dreamed before but if you down nothing you can achieve.
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Good health is better than silver or gold. A poor but healthy man is better than a bedridden millionaire.
Let us take good care of our health so we can enjoy our Yem. If we do not care for our health, we will work for others to enjoy.
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one thing that i do not joke with is my health. as soon as i notice symptoms of illness, the first thing i do is to go for check up and once drugs are prescribed, i endeavor to take them in as much as i do not like taking drugs. so, it is always important to take care of our health.

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health is wealth and should be taken care of.

one thing about our health is that if it is not well taken care of, everything around us will shut down.
without good health you cant make money and you cant care for your family or function well in the society.
so, no matter how busy you get on daily basis, ensure that you are healthy enough to go about them because health is wealth.

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