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They are important requirements of a good citizen to his country. You don't have to wash your dirty linen before everybody. Be courteous to people of other nations in your country, be hospitable, speak good of your country and by so doing, you create a good image of your country to others.
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Talking of patriotism,some of us don't even know how to sing the national anthem. Let alone it's meaning. We neither pronounce the words correctly,nor can sing all stanzas. Hhmmn
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Be a patriot for your wonderful county, state or province.

Show love to your country men. Treat them well. Work towards the development of your country. When you meet people from other countries,talk to them well about your country,be proud of it and own it.
Be willing to serve or help out at all times. And have respect for the national symbols eg flag, historical monuments,anthem ......

How do you vote?

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