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Going abroad however will leave us no choice but to be vaccinated. Since all countries need to see the COVID-19 clearance before allowing foreigners into the country
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I like it. Many people are anti covid-19 vaccine. I mean, they don't want to take it or allow their family members to take.
I like the way the government of Uganda made it optional. Those who do not want to take the vaccine should not be forced to do so.
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Very soon Uganda will receive it's first batch of covid-19 vaccine

This very month, Uganda is expecting to get their first vaccine.
The first groups expected to be vaccinated are the soldiers, teachers, health workers, old aged, are those mainly in community service. Of 18yr and above.
Those who are to be vaccinated will read the forms and understand everything first before signing,a national ID will be required for nationals & a passport for the foreigners. It is stressed that vaccination is at one's consent not forced

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