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I agree with the comment below. That Safezone has all it takes to have transparent systems, operations, accounts. We will be getting full accountability for taxpayer's money once corruption stops.
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How I wish that all countries would welcome the Safezone program. Because of its efficiency and security,such issues as corruption,theft would totally reduce and be done away with.
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There is no nation without corrupt citizens, be they civilians or military. The fight to curb corrupt practices in a country should involve every body. It should not be left to the government alone because government cannot be everywhere. It should be a joint effort that involves all.
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Fighting corruption in this nation should be done jointly

The war of corruption,if to be done effectively by the government,has to be involving the public.
Our dear government and the service consumers need to work together to curb corruption.
This is worse with land issues. The land owners with original land ownership documents are evicted brutally by soldiers or police simply because there's someone paying them heavily without mercy,so he can forcefully take over the land.
Corruption has to stop, let's have a peaceful life for once.

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